The Compliant 21st Century Blockchain-Driven Cryptosecurities Network

The Prometheum Network is transforming the financial industry with blockchain-powered tools for offering, distribution, trading, clearing, settlement and custody of cryptosecurities. The Prometheum Network brings investors, traders, issuers, broker-dealers, validators, DApp developers and partners together.
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Our Network

For the first time, companies will be able to raise capital by offering cryptosecurities to the general public on Prometheum’s Regulation A+ issuance platform.

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Prometheum's Alternative Trading System (ATS) will provide liquidity for cryptosecurities issued on our platform. All types of investors and traders will be able to buy and sell cryptosecurities online by using this SEC/FINRA approved electronic market.

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Clearing, Settlement and Custody

Prometheum’s vertically integrated approach means clearing, settlement and custody of cryptosecurities happens within 24 hours of a trade.

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The Prometheum Network uses smart contracts to automate back office functions, reducing overhead costs. That means cryptosecurities issued and traded on our network maintain their utility value on our blockchain.

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Who It's For


Accredited and non-accredited investors will be able to invest in cryptosecurity offerings and trade on our electronic market.

Active Traders

Prometheum’s online trading platform will provide real-time market data, research, charts, instant execution, rapid order entry, night mode, keyboard order entry, and an API.


Companies become issuers on the Prometheum Network by raising capital using Regulation A+ to offer their cryptosecurities to the general public.


By joining the Prometheum Network, FINRA registered broker-dealers can offer their customers access to compliant cryptosecurities as a new asset class


Validators will be rewarded with our Ember tokens for running nodes on the Prometheum Network that verify transactions written to our blockchain.

DApp Developers

Distributed Application (DApp) developers, enterprise developers and systems integrators can integrate their cryptosecurities with our blockchain by using Prometheum’s smart contracts, digital tools and other technology.
What Makes it Possible
Issuers are generally discouraged from making conventional public offerings as a result of costs, legal concerns and accounting difficulties. Instead, Prometheum relies on Regulation A+ to streamline and minimize requirements for this process. Sometimes referred to as a “mini-IPO,” Regulation A+ enables companies to issue free trading cryptosecurities to all investors, accredited and non-accredited.
Reg A+
Must be
to Retail
SEC Review
4-6 months
Free Trading
Issuers/companies can raise up to $50mm (Legislation proposes increasing to $75mm)
All investors, including non-accredited investors, can participate
Regulation A+ Cryptosecurities offerings have no trading restrictions
Issuers/companies can advertise their offering to the public
Reduced costs for legal, accounting and related professional services