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The Future of Markets

A complete ecosystem for digital asset securities, Prometheum is more than the sum of its parts. Prometheum leverages blockchain technology to provide infrastructure for compliant issuance, trading and settlement of digital asset securities.
Prometheum Ecosystem: Compliance, Capital, Blockchain, Clearing, Settlements, Custody, Trading
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Prometheum has been dedicated to compliance and regulation from its inception. We recognize that digital assets securities should be regulated under existing securities laws, and are committed to working with regulators, Congress and the industry to ensure investors are protected and markets are efficient, fair and orderly.


Prometheum’s ecosystem leverages blockchain technology and established compliance processes to deliver an efficient, stable and flexible market system for the issuance, trading and settlement of digital asset securities. Our wallet technology ensures that blockchain-native assets can be moved in and out of users’ brokerage accounts in a secure, compliant and streamlined manner.


When it comes to user facing applications, Prometheum believes that a well designed user experience is just as important as features and functionality. Our cutting edge trading platform is built from the ground up for the next generation of assets and focuses on familiarity and comfort, especially when it comes to investing and trading.


Prometheum will provide users the rails to create compliant digital asset securities through an easy-to-use platform that removes the difficulty of creating securities on a blockchain. Digital asset securities issued outside of Prometheum’s ecosystem will also be able to leverage our marketplace and technology.

trading back and front end

Trading back and front end

Revolutionizing the Markets

We started Prometheum with a focus on the most fundamental parts of compliance. Where practical, our systems are designed to automate compliance and market functions for investor protection and to maintain fair and orderly markets. Our technology monitors and protects customers with advanced market surveillance and risk management systems.