The Ember Smart Security Offering (SSO)

Prometheum will offer it’s Ember warrant/SST to all investors through a Regulation A+ offering that will be qualified by the SEC.

Reg A+
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to Retail
SEC Review
4-6 Months
Free Trading
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How Much Would You Like to Invest?
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Understanding Regulation A+
Prometheum relies on Regulation A+ to enable companies to issue free trading cryptosecurities to all investors. Also known as a “mini-IPO”, this is an expansion of the capital raising Regulation A under the Securities Act of 1933. This update was passed in June of 2015 and is part of the SEC’s Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (The JOBS Act – Title IV) that allows U.S. and Canadian companies to lawfully raise up to $50 million from all types of investors.Before Regulation A+, only IPOs could raise amounts in that range by offering securities to the public. Since IPOs are expensive and complicated, The U.S. government created Reg A+ to help companies raise capital faster, with less difficulty and at a lower cost.

Issuers/companies can raise up to $50mm (Legislation proposes increasing to $75mm)

All investors, including non-accredited investors, can participate

Regulation A+ Cryptosecurities offerings have no trading restrictions

Issuers/companies can advertise their offering to the public

Reduced costs for legal, accounting and related professional services