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Prometheum ATS

A complete solution for trading digital asset securities, Prometheum ATS is a SEC registered Broker/dealer ATS and a Member of FINRA. Prometheum ATS leverages blockchain technology to optimize the trade lifecycle. Our feature rich trading platform seamlessly integrates with your qualified digital asset custodian for settlement.
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Opening a traditional brokerage account can be difficult and time consuming. At Prometheum ATS, we’ve streamlined onboarding with features like automated anti-money laundering (AML), and know your customer (KYC) checks, as well as a simple process to link your trading account to your custodial account. Our commitment to improving the customer experience begins the moment your journey starts.


Prometheum ATS is designed for both retail customers and financial professionals to trade digital asset securities. Our user-friendly trading interface is developed for varying levels of trading experience, and includes advanced features such as, depth of book L2 data, order and execution management, and customizable historical charts.


We connect directly with your qualified custodian to facilitate quick and efficient settlement. Prometheum ATS communicates order and execution information on your behalf to your custodian so that they can settle your transactions on the same day, known as T+0. This is just one of the unique benefits realized by using blockchain-based digital asset securities.

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Onboarding process

Gateway to Digital Asset Securities

Prometheum ATS is the market where accredited and non-accredited investors can come to buy and sell digital asset securities. We provide an online platform that is feature rich, with full access to advanced functionality and complete market data for all users, regardless of activity, experience or account size.